Suite Precure♪

Suite Precure♪ photo
Japanese Title スイート プリキュア♪
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 24
Air Date 2011-02-06
End Date 2012-01-29
Producers Toei Animation

<p>Kanon Town is filled with music. Hibiki Houjou and Kanade Minamino have grown up in this town and have known each other since they were children. However, they no longer get along.</p><p>One day the fairy Hummy from the land of music, Major Land, appears before them. The evil king Mephisto of Minor Land is planning to turn the legendary Melody of Happiness into the Melody of Misfortune. To prevent this from happening, Hibiki and Kanade transform themselves into Pretty Cure.</p><p>Kanade and Hibiki have to learn to work together to collect the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness in order to recreate the score!</p>


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#1: "Wonderful↑Powerful↑Music!!" (ワンダフル↑パワフル↑ミュージック!!) by Aya Ikeda (eps 1-23)
#2: "#Kibou Rainbow#" (#キボウレインボウ#) by Aya Ikeda (eps 24-48)


#1: "La♪ La♪ La♪ Suite PreCure♪" (ラ♪ラ♪ラ♪スイートプリキュア♪) by Mayu Kudou (eps 1-23)
#2: "La♪ La♪ La♪ Suite Pretty Cure♪ ~Unlimited ver~" (ラ♪ラ♪ラ♪スイートプリキュア♪~∞UNLIMITED∞ ver~) by Mayu Kudo (eps 24-48)